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  2. Topic: xr18 by Noel Santos
    1 Hour Ago


    good day everyone!
    recently i'm having trouble connecting my iPad air2 to xr18 using tri band external router. it becomes intermittent till totally couldn't connect. i hardwired the laptop to the...
  3. VL3 Extreme - Not passing/executing Sysex with midi connection ?

    Hi Everyone,

    I have tried this test with both USB connection and MIDI everything works fine with a USB connection (passes and executes Sysex), however MIDI connection does everything except pass...
  4. X18 air: add possibility is to use FX mono output

    This feature is important: add possibility is to use FX mono output !
    TANK !!
  5. 3 Hours Ago

    X18 air: SAVE ALL SCENES !!

    It is really annoying save scenes individually !! :(
  6. iNuke bad electricity protection gear??

    Is there any way to protect switching power amplifiers like iNukes from bad electricity (unstabilized voltage, drop outs e.t.c.) that can damage the amps??

    Do you use any protective gear...
  7. Question about UMC404HD outputs (how many are these?)

    Hi all,

    a question about UMC404HD before purchase.

    I see in picture that it has 6 outputs (2 mail L+R out and 4 balanced jacks).

    How does it works? How many outputs will I see in my daw?
  8. 14 Hours Ago

    Tweak saved loop's playback volume


    I am putting a set together with a bunch of acoustic guiar loops.

    Some of the loops Ive saved previously have level issues.
    I play them with loop triggers.

    Is there something that I...
  9. UMC22 stutters regardless of buffer size

    I received my new UMC22 yesterday and tried to use it in Ableton. I already use ASIO4ALL for my laptop's internal sound card as well as another, *much* older external USB sound card. Both work...
  10. VoiceLive 3-2017 [singer+mp3 audio backing tracks/harmony] PROBLEM channels

    You want to sing in a live concert or in studio, singing over some backing tracks, having the chance to add also a nice harmony? yes you can :) you want to connect your favourite mp3 player/or...
  11. Switch-6 Messed Up When Play Acoustic is used as USB Interface

    I just attached my Play Acoustic to my Mac mini via USB cable to test some recordings of different presets. I attached the Switch-6 to the PlayAcoustic and the buttons totally don't do what I had...
  12. VL3 2017 [STEREO input/output SOLUTION]" for piano/keyboard/synth+LOOPER+IEM

    KEYBOARD/PIANO/SYNTH player, usually feel themselves bit "out" from the Tc helicon voicelive 3 "project view"...until now Many of them say are unhappy mostly for not to have "Stereo/dual...
  13. 22 Hours Ago

    Guitar und Looper Output

    Momentan ist es ja so, dass am VL3 Gitarre und Looper über den selben Output gehen.
    Wäre es denn seitens TC nicht denkbar, dass man mittels eines Updates in den Setup Einstellungen zusätzlich die...