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  2. X-Touch Extender is coming soon

    You first thought it was a joke, with squeezed X-Touch pictures made by fans...
    Finally it seems it will be the next product in X-Touch family :
  3. 6 Hours Ago

    X Air Q on iPad

    Is this coming any time soon?
  4. 6 Hours Ago

    Multiple FX Inserts

    I assume that the reason each FX is limited to two inserts is down to processing power. If not, is there any chance of increasing that imitation?
  5. No input signal on Voice live 2 for voice and guitar

    I haven't used my voice live 2 for a while and when i came back to it a few days ago I can't seem to get an input signal for voice or guitar. I followed the trouble shooter and checked in the...
  6. Delay with less repeats or with separate tails from a reverb

    Hi. I've had the X32 for about 2 months now and I've been running sound for a few years. Fortunately, during that time, I used a lot of boards with preset delays and reverbs. I love that I can...