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  2. Padding XR 12 Aux out for Zoom H4n recording

    I want to pad the XR12 Aux out to record on a H4N. Without padding the signal is too high for a nice mid level out and theH4n record level setting has to be too low to stop peaking.

  3. Play Acoustic - Firmware updates

    Is there a list of improvements through firmware updates available?
  4. 12 Hours Ago

    FCA1616 hardware routing problem.

    Hi all.

    I am soon to record my band at our usual rehearsal studio and will be using my FCA1616. The rehearsal studio has a Behringer X2222FX desk and I want the guys to be able to plug into the...
  5. Deepmind 12 for midi guitar players

    I would like to have midi Mono Mode implemented in Deepmind 12 like the Roland MKS-50.
    This is so cool using independent midi channel for each string. Please can we have this? Thanks!
  6. Deepmind 12 as a sound module for the midi guitar system Roland GK-3 Mono Mode

    I know it is possible to Using Deepmind 12 as a sound module for the midi guitar system Roland GK-3 but does it have Mono Mode like the Roland MKS-50?
    What Im looking for is to have independent midi...
  7. 17 Hours Ago

    BCR2000 - finer/coarser control

    Hi there. I recently got myself a second-hand BCR2000, primarily for use with my software synths in Cubase 8. I love it, but two things are bugging me a little, perhaps someone here can help me...